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WELCOME! — January 18, 2013


Welcome to the Rancho Santiago Community College District Continuing Education Professional Development Blog.  The district in Orange County, California consists of two colleges, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College.  The continuing education programs associated with each college are very large.  This blog is the hub of several other blogs that provides opportunities for instructors to reflect on strategies and techniques they have learned in workshops and report on their experiences attempting to use them in the classroom.

The professional development program for continuing education is very extensive.  It includes about 100 workshops each fall during “flex week” featuring a keynote and in-house teacher expertise.  During both semesters, faculty also may do online activities through CALPRO and OTAN.  They may observe other teachers, as well as participate in various initiatives.  In the spring, there are focused activities.  In 2012 we started the certificate program for this focus.  Over 130 teachers have completed the Student Success Certificate which had various workshops and activities related to Learner-Centered Instruction.  In 2013, we introduced the Student Success ASSESSMENT Certificate.

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